Everone should try this in Colchester

Last Wednesday night, I went to Grain with my besties. Once we stepped into the restaurant, we were welcomed by friendly waiters. The atmosphere was comfy and homelike with delicate interior decoration. Although the place is located in a small path in North Hill, it is not so difficult to find. The staff was courteous and helpful without being toadying. We had a great night there.




Every dish is in a starter portion so that customers can manage how many courses they wish to have. I really appreciate that the set of choices on the menu are unique and concise. Meanwhile, all the food we ordered was indisputably incredible with fine quality and flawlessly combined flavours.





Marmite chips, sour cream, chive, spring onion

This is something I have never tried before. The chips contain so many layers so it is extra CRISPY. Even if you are not marmite lovers, I bet you would like it too. With the present chive and spring onions, the oiliness is reduced. One bite of chips, one dip of sour cream – YUM YUM!





Trout, roasted cauliflower, sea vegetables

The trout is moderately cooked and particularly I really like the crispy skin. Its flavour is subtle since the roasted cauliflower and sea vegetables supplement the trout’s mild flesh perfectly.





Lamb fillet, charred gem, peas, bacon

The lamb fillet was quite tender and gamy. I was impressed by the combination of delicate lamb and crusty bacon, such a contrast was amazing and surprising.




From left to right:

Chicken, wild garlic, white asparagus, anya potato

Roast cod, red curry, cashew

Pork char sui, pak choi, radish, crispy noodles



It is no coincidence that this place has received an array of compliments. It is undoubtful that Grain is such a suitable place for celebration and gathering. I highly recommend you guys should check this place out!



Address: 11a North Hill, Colchester CO1 1DZ
Opening hours:
Close on Sunday and Monday
Tuesday 6:30–9pm
Wednesday 12–2pm, 6:30–9pm
Thursday 12–2pm, 6:30–9pm
Friday 12–2pm, 6:30–9:30pm

Saturday 12–2pm, 6:30–9:30pm


Reservations: http://www.grain-colchester.co.uk/
Phone: 01206 570005

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