Hi guys! This is Natalie – I’m a 19-year-old lifestyle blogger who currently studies in the UK.  My blog is called ‘oheynat’ is quite literally because my name is Natalie but also I would love to be closer to my readers through sharing common interests and similarities between one another. I hope I can inspire and encourage you guys to live your own lives.

I was born and raised in a metropolitan city — Hong Kong, therefore, I enjoy embracing different culture and customs. So as to broaden my horizon, I travel to different countries to get in touch with diverse traditions and experience an extraordinary life.

Besides, I am literally a foodie. Exploring fancy cafes and nice restaurants is my daily routine. Who doesn’t love food, right?

Also, photography is my biggest passion, especially human portraits and food. I will never get tired of holding a camera and shooting everywhere. So please keep an eye on my food, fashion and travel journeys and I hope you enjoy reading my blog! x